Pamela Mekuz

Food Addiction Counselor

Weight Loss Surgery Success For Good!

The Missing Link to Weight Loss Surgery Success

Treating your underlying Food Addiction may be the missing link to your long term weight loss surgery success.   
If you are pre- or post-operative I can help you create a plan to eliminate cravingsstop overeating and achieve sustainable weight loss.  
Book a free, no strings attached discovery call to learn the number one thing doctors aren’t telling you about how to get in control of your eating for good.  

About Me

I had been overweight since childhood. And I hated it. All I ever wanted was to be skinny. Like many of you, I tried everything to lose weight. Diet after diet, pills, therapy… I tried it all while continuing to gain weight. Eventually, I turned to bariatric surgery as a last resort.

While surgery did allow me to lose weight rapidly, after about a year I noticed my poor eating habits returned, along with increased emotional agony.

Wasn’t this surgery supposed to fix me? Why couldn’t I stop thinking about food? Why couldn’t I stop eating even when full? Why, when I was so successful in every aspect of my life, could I not stick to my food plan?

I ate in secrecy and I ate in shame. I ate long after food could even offer any enjoyment. I learned, like many of you, that while bariatric surgery changes our stomachs, it does not change our brains. I felt hopeless and despaired having to live in a body that was so uncomfortable to me.

But, I am here now, to offer you hope. I am happily maintaining a healthy body size, without hunger, without dieting, and without obsessing about food.

I learned that I am not lazy, undisciplined, or dumb. I am a food addict. I learned that my brain reacts differently towards some foods than other people. There are certain foods that I just CAN’T stop eating and craving no matter how much I try. I can’t eat just one cookie, not if my life depended on it! Once I recognized I was a food addict, my life changed.

I studied everything I could about food addiction. I developed a plan of eating and LIVING that works with my bariatric surgery and helps me live my best life. I eventually became certified as a Food Addiction Counselor through the world’s leading school. I left my job in education and am now a full time Food Addiction Counselor specializing in working with bariatric surgery clients.

Bariatric surgery can be a really great tool for weight loss. But, it’s only a tool and it won’t do the work for us forever. A plan that addresses food addiction may be the additional key you need to make your tool as effective as possible.

Now I am happily living the life I deserve. I love yoga, swimming in the ocean and running around with my kids. My passion and my calling in life is helping people who are still struggling after bariatric surgery to achieve and maintain their goal weight for good.

My Programs

Food Addiction Assessment

Understand WHY your food cravings persist.

Receive individualized food addiction scale report.

Personalized next-step action plan.

Daily Accountability Check-Ins

Personal coach/cheerleader.

Daily support to ensure success.

Support to troubleshoot difficult situations.


Individualized food plan to nourish body and combat cravings.

Support in creating new, healthy habits.

Uncover the deeper roots of eating habits to forge a new relationship with food.

10 Week Course

Combat food addiction and achieve serenity around eating.

Eliminate cravings, binges and late-night eating.

Create new, healthy habits that will actually stick.

Daily accountability and personalized coach/cheerleader.

Lasting weight loss

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